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Shattered Rules

A spy, an obsessed killer, and a dangerous secret, would you shatter the rules to keep it safe?

Chapter One

The doorbell broke the late night’s silence. Kelly Shaw woke with a start, sat up in bed and squinted to see the alarm clock. Eleven forty-five.

The bell buzzed again.

Out of bed, she adjusted her short blue cotton nightgown and rushed to the bedroom window. A brown delivery van idled in the dimly lit driveway. Maybe the airline had finally found her sister’s lost suitcase. Kelly threw on her robe and ran from the room.

In the foyer, she flipped on the overhead porch light and peered out the sidelight window. A tall man in a brown uniform smiled at her.

“You’re working late,” she shouted through the glass.

“You’re the last delivery.”

“Leave it on the porch.”

“I need a signature.”

“Oh, okay.”

When the tumblers on the deadbolt lock turned, the front door flew open and the man lunged at her slamming her against the foyer wall. Before she could scream the intruder grabbed her by the neck.

“Yell and you’re dead.”

She held her hand tightly against her mouth to push back a scream.

A smaller man rushed into the house and jogged down the hall toward the kitchen.

The man holding her loosened his grasp. “Where is it?”

“Get out,” she whispered. “Get out of my house.”

“Shut up.”

“What do you want?”

“Where the hell is it?” Muscular, with black hair and tanned complexion the stranger glared at her.


“Wrong answer.” He twisted her arm. “Tell me now.”

She whimpered.

He yanked her to him. His body heat burned through her thin cotton robe. She coughed as warm cigarette-breath played across her face. His black eyes gazed downward and gawked at her breasts. A smile formed on his thin lips.

Fear pulsed in her. ©

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