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Genre: Contemporary

Our Country Heart a Sierra Creek Book 3

Did you ever make a mistake you’d give anything to change?

To get away from her past, Vanna Danelavich left her home in Sierra Creek soon after high school and moved to Los Angeles, believing she’d never come back. Obliged to return when her mother falls ill, she needs a job to help pay the medical bills. In the small town, she accepts the only available position a startup company run by her old flame, Manuel Gordon. With their unhappy history, she’s done her best to avoid him. Still, she is convinced her emotions can be managed in order to do the job—no problem.
Manny Gordon returns from the rodeo circuit to his Sierra Creek home determined to right a wrong. By reopening the lumber mill in town, he has a chance of helping the town’s people recover from the devastating loss of jobs suffered by the recent economic downturn. He would prefer to have someone else in the position he’s given Vanna, but he trusts they will be able to put aside their personal problems for the good of the town. Is he wrong have confidence in their ability to work together?
Sam McLean is in town to help Manny get the mill going and can’t wait to get back to the city. Small towns have no appeal until he meets Vanna. However, what will he do when he learns Manny and Vanna’s story?

Can they must put aside grudges, hurt feelings, and family feuds long enough to accomplish their goal?

Her Country Heart Christmas Edition a Sierra Creek Novel

5 Stars- It’s been a long time since I’ve been engaged with a book’s characters. But this story, and the people in it, got to me! You’ll want to read all the way through to the end!

Amy Long needs a forever home. She is out of work and has lost her apartment in the city. She returns to the small town of Sierra Creek to find a fresh start. Her plan is to work the land on her grandmother’s farm and be self-reliant. She is not interested in beginning a relationship with any man.

Cowboy Wyatt Cameron is concentrating on his career and at this point in his life, wants no female entanglements or other responsibilities. Amy is in his way, but if she goes back to the city where she belongs, he can go on with his arrangements.

Can she change his mind?

Will Sparks Fly When Opposites Attract?

His Country Heart a Sierra Creek Book 2

If Amy makes the wrong decision, she could lose it all, including her heart.

Amy Long’s new life in the small town of Sierra Creek was planned, men and marriage not needed. Then she met the perfect man in gorgeous rodeo champion, Wyatt Cameron. After only a few months, she promises to marry him. Is everything happening too fast? Should she listen to listen to her head or her heart?

A confirmed bachelor, Wyatt wonders why he asked a woman he hardly knows to marry him. Yeah, she’s loveable and pretty, but she comes with baggage he doesn’t need. Will he marry in haste and regret in leisure?

With Glowing Hearts

Would you leave everything to follow the man you love?

In World War II, an air force pilot and a nurse meet in London during the Blitz.

Nurse Harriet Davis doesn’t date military men. She has no intention of loving and losing to the penalties of war.

Pilot Alan Barlow understands his odds of living through the war are slim and on leave he just wants to have fun.

Can the love that blossoms between them survive the ravages of war?

Her Country Heart a Sierra Creek Novel

Amy Long needs a home. Downsized, she lost her apartment in the city and returns to the small town of Sierra Creek to find a fresh start. Does she belong?

Cowboy Wyatt Cameron doesn’t think so. She’s in the way of his plans and as executor of her grandmother’s estate, he has the power to send her packing.

What can she offer to change his mind? Will hearts break when opposites attract?

Her Country Heart

Sierra Creek book 1
By Reggi Allder

“Sierra Creek,” the driver shouted as the Greyhound Bus came to an abrupt stop on the two lane highway.

Amy Long pushed her hair behind her ears and grabbed her worn suitcase. Surprised to see her hand tremble, she seized the case with both hands and rushed toward the front of the bus.

A gust of hot wind slapped her face as she stepped off the bus. Gravel pelted her bare legs when it drove away. She squinted and read a faded road sign, Sierra Creek population five thousand. There wasn’t a building in sight.

After years of living in the city, she’d forgotten how sweltering and desolate it was here. She’d vowed never to return home. Odd it was the first place that came to mind when she and her young son needed a fresh start.

With Granny gone, there was no family left to welcome her. She swallowed a sob. Maybe it was a mistake to come back.

The relentless afternoon sun beat down on her shoulders and her arms began to burn. San Francisco, the air conditioned city, seemed a million miles away.

Impatient, she cleared her dry throat, wiped perspiration from her forehead, and let out a groan as the minutes ticked by. What wouldn’t she give for some shade and a bottle of ice water?

With a sigh, she pulled out her smart phone and checked the time. Thirty minutes since she’d arrived at the bus stop and not a single car had gone by. Where was the arranged ride into town?

Granny’s handyman was supposed to meet her. He obviously wasn’t a stickler about being on time. She reminded herself she was in the California foothills not in a busy metropolis where time was money.

The sound of a truck rumbled in the distance. With the back of her hand, she pushed her bangs out of her eyes and squinted. Hopeful, she watched the pick-up come closer. A shiny black Ford F 150 with extended cab pulled up in front of her.

“Hi. Amy?” A man yelled through the open window as his brown hair fell casually over a high forehead and deep-set blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She moved nearer and stared at his wide cheek bones, square jaw and full lips. About thirty? A flutter of recognition stirred in her as palpable charm radiated from his broad smile, Wyatt Cameron.

His muscular arms flexed as his huge hands squeezed the steering wheel. “Don’t just stand there. Get in. The judge is waiting.”