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Our Country Heart a Sierra Creek Book 3

Did you ever make a mistake you’d give anything to change?

To get away from her past, Vanna Danelavich left her home in Sierra Creek soon after high school and moved to Los Angeles, believing she’d never come back. Obliged to return when her mother falls ill, she needs a job to help pay the medical bills. In the small town, she accepts the only available position a startup company run by her old flame, Manuel Gordon. With their unhappy history, she’s done her best to avoid him. Still, she is convinced her emotions can be managed in order to do the job—no problem.
Manny Gordon returns from the rodeo circuit to his Sierra Creek home determined to right a wrong. By reopening the lumber mill in town, he has a chance of helping the town’s people recover from the devastating loss of jobs suffered by the recent economic downturn. He would prefer to have someone else in the position he’s given Vanna, but he trusts they will be able to put aside their personal problems for the good of the town. Is he wrong have confidence in their ability to work together?
Sam McLean is in town to help Manny get the mill going and can’t wait to get back to the city. Small towns have no appeal until he meets Vanna. However, what will he do when he learns Manny and Vanna’s story?

Can they must put aside grudges, hurt feelings, and family feuds long enough to accomplish their goal?