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My Country Heart a Sierra Creek Book 4

My Country Heart

Sierra Creek Book 4 by Reggi Allder

Coming Fall 2022 on Amazon

A chill ran through Lauren Walsh. She’d made a drastic move and changed her whole life.

A mistake?

She stared at the California town of Sierra Creek, population five thousand, spreading out in the vista before her. She’d never lived in a city with a population of less than a million. Small towns, big outdoors, farmers, and most of all, cowpokes, no way—she didn’t belong here.

The sun glistened on the bell tower of a church and brick and stucco houses dotted the landscape surrounding the main street shopping area. However, the retail outlets had no recognizable names, apparently no chain stores allowed.

Homesick, she missed Los Angeles and the small apartment near the Ventura Freeway. Even with the smog, the traffic, and the frustration it brought to her every day existence, she understood how to navigate in the substantial populace and that gave her a sense of security. Here in Sierra Creek, everyone lived in a fish bowl. People knew everyone else’s business. She might as well be in a foreign country.

Still early in the morning, Sierra Creek had little traffic. Instead of engines reviving and blaring horns, birds tweeted from the surrounding trees, not something she often heard in LA and the sky appeared bluer than any she remembered in her life time.

Her problems had started after her boss fired her. Well, “let go” as he said and only because of lack of business. Afterward, the dearth of openings in her industry didn’t surprise her. Who needed to buy fine jewelry with money tight and entertaining nonexistent? The struggle to buy food and pay the bills took top of mind, not accumulating gorgeous trinkets.

Networking produced no employment. Finally, she realized there was nothing for her in the area. As a contributor to the finances for her disabled father’s income, when this employment opportunity came up, she snatched it.

She closed her eyes against the truth of the situation. Stay positive. This place is only for the short-term. Soon, she’d be employed in the city again.

Readers of Sierra Creek Books say:

“Loved it and didn’t want the book to end. I was so invested in the people that I couldn’t put it down.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve become deeply engaged with a book and the characters. With people so real to life, it was easy to care what happened to them.”

“Real good, can’t wait for the next one.”