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Reggi loves reading and likes to share her joy of books. She has volunteered in schools to help children learn to read. It is important not only for education and their success but for lifelong entertainment.

She’s a pantser rather than a plotter. Though she doesn’t work backwards, she often knows the end of a book before the beginning. When she starts a new novel, not all the characters and the plot twist are understood. Still, she has visualized the ending, sometimes putting down the last chapter first. Working to get to the final scene makes writing exciting.

In both genres, as in real life, her characters must overcome difficulties. The males are strong but may be wounded. The women are determined to make changes in their lives in order to manage their future. They cope with their passion and temptation as each fight to discover a hidden strength and work toward a lifelong goal.

Reggi studied creative writing and screen writing at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

When not working, she loves watching romantic movies with her hubby. She also enjoys searching for vintage teacups and looking for new recipes on the web. Her dogs make sure she gets exercise by taking her on long walks.

Hearing from readers makes her day. Follow Reggi on Amazon, Facebook, Bookbub, Goodreads, Twitter and sign up for her newsletter.