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My five reasons to garden

Hi all, spring is a favorite time of the year. In our area, flowers are blooming and my plum tree is especially beautiful with lovely blooms this year. We are hoping for an amazing crop of fruit. Soon, we will plant apple trees, a red delicious and a gala, to be specific.

I admit I’m not one who likes to get dirty or play in the mud. I like my fingernails long and clean and polished. However, I love fruits and veggies. So, I’m doing more gardening this year than ever before.

Given the current circumstances, hubby and I are leaving our home less often. We now have more time to work in the garden, when I’m not at my computer, of course. Our animals enjoy us being outside too.

Here are my five reasons to garden—even on a deck or patio.

  1. Vegetables taste better picked from the garden. I hadn’t been gardening for a while and had become used to store bought veggies. Last year, hubby and I planted tomatoes, lettuce and snap peas and were surprised at the difference in the flavor. I’d forgotten how amazing food fresh from the garden could taste.
  2. Convenience. There is no need to fire up the car and enter a crowded store.
  3. Choice. Your garden is designed for your appetite. You may choose the type of tomatoes, lettuce, beans, herbs, etc. you want to plant. In the stores too often, we are limited to the produce’s buyer’s choice.
  4. Better nutrition. Because you planted them, you will know there are no added pesticides, unless you choose to do so.
  5. A small space can result in many vegetables. One to three pots on a patio or deck can supply tomatoes, green beans, herbs and more.