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What makes a romantic suspense novel?

As a reader as well as a writer, I like the mix of danger and romance. Statistics show I’m not alone. Romantic suspense books are popular sellers.

I’ve often wondered why we love a dash, or should I say a slash of suspense with our romance. I guess a psychologist could answer that. But for me, a well plotted romance and an equally well plotted suspense, woven seamlessly together works. Each storyline moves the plot forward and holds my attention. Perhaps the need to solve a mystery helps keep my pages turning.

A romantic suspense must have a compelling love story often with the hero and heroine striving toward different goals. They share a strong attraction for each other that might get in the way of solving the mystery, perhaps even put them in danger. Still, they must be sympathetic as each of them struggle with internal problems and personal baggage while maintaining a determination to catch the bad guy(s). Right is on their side, though the villain might take issue that statement.

A believable villain is important too. Not just a crazy man or woman wanting to hurt people, but a villain with a credible goal. The average person would think the objective is completely wrong. However, the villain knows he’s righteous. The idea keeps him motivated and the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. The anti-hero should be intelligent, a person to be reckoned with, fear imparting and perhaps a bit mad.

Mysteries are often written in the first person. However, the romantic suspense has multiple points of view allowing the reader to understand the motivation of many characters.

In suspense, it just gets worse and worse until the reader can’t see how the hero and heroine will solve the suspense and survive. There is often a possibility the villain may win and all will be lost.

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