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Thanks for stopping by to check out Reggi Allder’s Compelling and Compassionate Novels.

Do you like determined women and powerful men?

If you enjoy mysteries with plot twists that keep you turning the pages and suspense that has you on the edge of you seat, Reggi’s novels could be for you.

Maybe you’re into emotional, heartwarming reads, with contemporary stories of life in a small town. Visit the California town of Sierra Creek and meet the determined women, powerful men and the other captivating characters who populate the Sierra Creek series, starting with Her Country Heart.

Whatever your taste in reading, Reggi may have a book for you. Be sure to check them out and join us by signing up for the newsletter for giveaways, updates dates, excerpts on new releases, sneak peeks, recipes and more! Subscribe to my Newsletter!

What people say about Reggi’s books

“Reggi Allder will hold you on the edge of your seat as you follow her real-to-life characters. She nicely blended the heroine and hero into a romance intertwined with suspense at a pace just slow enough to hold your attention then increased it to keep you going! If you love romantic suspense, then treat yourself and grab this novel, you won’t be disappointed.”

“I didn’t want the book to end. I loved the characters and really cared what happened to them. I mean it. I really cared. The interaction between all the characters kept me turning the pages. I was sad when the book ended. Can’t wait for the next book.”

“Fast-paced, plot-driven conflicts and characters that you can’t tear yourself away from lift the story to a darn good read.”

“Great characters, I’m HOOKED!! The book holds your interest from start to finish.”

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